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nexus-torch is a tensor computation backend for Nexus based on PyTorch. It uses SWIG to generate the JNI bindings directly from the Torch C/C++ source without the Python part of PyTorch.

Tested environments

  • Linux + CUDA 9.1 / 10.0 + PyTorch 1.0.0

Building the binding manually


  • PyTorch 1.0.0
    pip install torch==1.0.0
  • SWIG 3.0+


  • Patch SWIG. Use the swig-patch/fix-long.patch file to patch SWIG: This resolves SWIG issue #646, which incorrectly maps ptrdiff_t to Int instead of the correct Long under 64-bit machines.
  • Generate JNI shared library: Run to build the shared library ( / libjnitorch.dylib).